Charlie Lydecker
Chairman 2017-2018


The Civic League of the Halifax Area was formed in 1963 by the late J. Saxton Lloyd, a local business and community leader. At that time, Lloyd and several other respected individuals formed the Community Problems Discussion group. The current name of the organization was adopted in 1965. The Civic League is a non-profit and nonpartisan group of community leaders dedicated to civic engagement. Membership is by invitation only. The organization studies, confers and acts upon any matter, economic in character, which may be deemed to affect the welfare of the Halifax Area of the County of Volusia or the State of Florida - and to support any educational or civic enterprise deemed by The Civic League to promote such welfare. The Civic League has exercised leadership and has been influential on many community issues during the past 50 years.
In the words of Henry Ford:
"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success!"